Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Begining

I have been told that there is nothing so pathetic as an atrophied blog so, with that in mind, here is my first tentative post.

My name is Glenn and I am the co-owner (with my wife) of Northeast Celtic Jewelry. I began this company in January of 2005 as Northeast Jewelry. At that time it was still unclear what direction the business would take; I had been forced into an early retirement from my career as an Information Technology Consultant by illness (MS) and needed to find a new profession that would allow me to better "control my schedule" i.e. take naps, surf the net and snack.

Having been an "Art Room Freak" (as we were called in my day) as well as having been a musician for much of my life, I thought I might try my hand at something that would put me back in touch with my creative side. I am interested in most things scientific as well and so thought that combining metallurgy, geology and design would make for an interesting mix. Eureka! I decided to become a jeweler.

I took classes at an excellent local school called Metalwerx and was spending lots of time and money working with silver and gold and gems. Slowly I began to realize that while I was having a grand time buying equipment and gems I was in fact someone who needed to make some money; sooner rather than later.

To be continued.......